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Wagerlogic Blackjack - Blackjack Players Guide

Wagerlogic at one time had a great many licensees and many online casinos powered by them adorned the net, alas over recent years and their decision to not permit US players has led to these numbers dramatically reducing.

Inter Casino is their biggest licensee and will probably soon be their only one! They accept UK and European players and allow you to deposit and play in Dollars or Pounds Sterling.

Wagerlogic Single Deck Blackjack
Wagerlogic Single Deck Blackjack
Wagerlogic Single Deck Blackjack, as the name suggests, uses just one deck of playing cards which are shuffled before each game starts.

The Dealer always hits on soft 17 and a Player may double on any first two cards and also double after splitting. The house edge for this Blackjack game is 0.07%

Multihand Video Blackjack
Multihand Video Blackjack
This is a unique game the player plays 1, 3, or 5 hands against 3, 5, 10, or 50 of the dealer hands. The face-up card on every dealer hand is the same.

Multihand Video Blackjack uses 8 decks and the Dealer stands on soft 17. A player may Double on any first two cards and after a split.

You can also find an 8 deck Blackjack game in which the Dealer stands on soft 17. Players are allowed to double on any first two cards and you may also double after splitting.

A Player may split only once and there is No surrender allowed. The Dealer always checks the hole card for blackjack.

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