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Progressive Blackjack - Blackjack Players Guide

With so many different Blackjack variants available online it had to be expected that one online casino software company would develop the ultimate Blackjack game.

That software provider was Microgaming and they came up with their Triple 7's Blackjack game that comes complete with an ever rising progressive jackpot. So if you fancy trying for a massive jackpot win then this may be the Blackjack game for you!

The game can be played in Dollars, Pounds or Euros, and the jackpot total will be paid in whichever currency you are playing in, as long as you placed a one unit sidebet then you have a chance of winning not only the progressive jackpot but also a range of additional bonus payouts.

Progressive Blackjack - Bonus Payouts
Once you have placed your sidebet and your Blackjack stake the game will begin. Should your first card dealt be a seven of any suit you will be paid 5 credits as a bonus payout. Remember that bonus payouts are only made on the first cards drawn.

If however your first two cards dealt are two 7's of a mixed suit then this will qualify for a bonus payout of 25 credits.

Get yourself dealt two 7's but this time in the same suited then you will win 50 credits, and don't forget these bonus payouts pay irrespective of whether you win or lose your hand of Blackjack.

Things start to get profitable if you get dealt three sevens, if you are dealt three of them but in any suit you instantly win 250 credits, should you hit three 7's of the same suit you will win a bonus payout of 1000 credits.

To win the current progressive jackpot your first three cards need to be three 7's of Diamonds, if you get it you can ring your boss and tell him you won't be coming in today! But only if you have placed a sidebet!

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