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Playtech Online Casinos are very popular with players from the UK, Europe and Asia however, at this time they do not allow players who reside in the USA.

Their software is very easy to download, install and use and they have a great selection of Blackjack games, including their unique Blackjack Switch game that turns playing Blackjack into an even more strategic game.

Playtech Blackjack Surrender
Playtech Blackjack Surrender
Playtech offer a great game of Blackjack Surrender which can be played for free or for real money at any of their casino sites.

You can play a single handed version or play 3 or 5 hands per game, they also offer a multi-player game or should you prefer you can play in a private group with whom ever you choose.

Playtech Blackjack Switch
Playtech Blackjack Switch
Playtech Blackjack Switch will have you hooked from the minute you play it! You can swap one card from each hand to the other to help you make a better hand or hands!

This is one of the best paying Blackjack games found online and you will give you hopefully hours of fun, but make sure you only switch the cards to your advantage!

Playtech Progressive Blackjack
Playtech Progressive Blackjack
Playtech have now joined the small group of online casino software providers who offer players a game of Progressive Blackjack.

You need to place a sidebet of one credit to activate the bonus payouts and these payout irrespective of whether the base hand wins or loses, try it today that next big winner could be you!

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