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If you don't know a double down from a push then spend a little time reading our Blackjack terminology guide below, it will soon bring you upto speed with what means what and will soon have you speaking the lingo!

21 - This is the name given to any hand that totals 21 in total but is not a Blackjack (Ace and a Ten).

Blackjack - This is the strongest hand you can get dealt and contains both an Ace and a Ten valued card.

Bust - This is what you don't want to do when playing Blackjack and it is what happens when you lose your hand as it goes over 21 in total.

Double Down - This is the name given to an optional sidebet, you will have to double your stake to receive one further card in the hope that your hand will then beat the Dealers.

Hit - This is when you wish to receive an additional card from the Dealer at no cost to yourself.

Hole Card - When the Dealer has dealt himself two cards the face down card is known as the Hole Card.

Insurance - This is an optional sidebet and you are betting that the Dealer is holding a Blackjack hand (Ace and a Ten valued card).

Push - When both your hand and the Dealers have the same total then you receive your stake back and this hand is called a Push.

Split - Some Blackjack games allow you to make two new hands when you have been dealt two cards of the same denomination, both cards are split and you need to place another stake on the new hand,

Surrender - This is when you give up your hand and get half your stake back. You are then removed from that game and have to wait for the next one to start.

Stand - This is when you are happy with your hand and wish to take no further cards and go head to head with the Dealers hand.

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